Project Video

The aim and content of BlindBits is now also documented in a short video (produced by pilotFilm), which includes an interview with part of the project team and our cooperation with the pupils of BBI. The video was presented on June, 17th at the event “Responsible Science – Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft im Dialog” (Responsible Science – Research and Society in dialogue) as an example of how aspects of responsible research and innovation can be implemented in a research project.

The video (in German language) is also available online. Enjoy!

Requirements Analysis Completed

The first project phase of BlindBits – the requirements analysis – has been completed. We used the following methods, to assess the needs and preferences of blind and visually impaired pupils regarding brainstorming and design workshops as well as a game, which supports the orientation training:

  • Expert interviews with teachers and mobility trainers regarding brainstorming techniques
  • Workshops with pupils about Gamestorming methods
  • Workshops with pupils regarding video games and mobility training
  • Behaviour observations and interviews with pupils in their leisure time about board and video games
  • Behaviour observations and interviews with pupils during mobility training

As a last step of the requirements analysis, a part of the project team could experience a mobility training supported by a professional mobility trainer. Blindfolded and equipped with a cane they explored the school building.

Left Side:  2 researchers of the  AIT explore the scool building blindfolded and equipped with a cane - Right Side: Pupils interacting with talking cards
(Photo: AIT)

The results of the requirements analysis are the basis for the brainstorming methods used in the upcoming workshops and the design of the game and level editor. The implementation of the game will also be conducted in strong cooperation with blind and visually impaired pupils and starts with two idea workshops to create and discuss initial game concepts.


The BlindBits kick-off-meeting took place on November 12 with all involved project partners at the Bundes-Blindenerziehungsinstitut (BBI).

Besides getting to know each other, (re)introducing the content of the project and identifying joint goals, we made a tour trough the school building. It was important that all project partners got an impression of the building structure, as it is crucial for the educational game developed in the project.

At the end of the meeting the first steps were planned and responsibilities clarified. The first thing we do is to work together with the teachers, mobility trainers and students on methods how to design the planned workshops, to meet the requirements of the blind and visually impaired students.

Group photo at the BlindBits Kick-Off-Meeting
(Photo: AIT)