Iterative Development in BlindBits

The BlindBits editor and player was developed in close cooperation with the students of the BBI in the school year 2015/16. The students could try the current state of BlindBits in six workshops at three points in time distributed over the school year. With their valuable feedback they could decisively co-determine the development in the project. There were also frequent meetings with the teachers of the BBI.

The task of the students in the workshop was to create game levels and pay attention to usability and accessibility issues. It was revealed that creating an editor which is usable and attractive for blind as well as visually impaired students is a great challenge.

PC user of the BlindBits editor

Playing the game levels in the school building was fun for most students. Therefore – similar to a scavenger hunt – they had to go to specific locations in the school building and read out game content stored on NFC tags.

Student reads out game content from a NFC tag