Idea- and Design-Workshops

The development within the project is in strong cooperation with the pupils of the BBI (school for the blind), thus we conducted idea- and design-workshops.

In two idea workshops with 14 pupils ideas for games were developed. There were plenty of great ideas ranging from “Zombies in the school” over “hidden teachers” to “escape from the school labyrinth”. The game ideas were analyzed and game mechanisms identified, that have to be supported by the editor for the creation of such games.

Subsequently two design-workshops with 17 pupils were conducted. At the begin pupils were instructed about the game mechanics and the possibilities of the level-editor. The game mechanics are on the one hand a virtual school in which the levels can be designed and played for test reasons. On the other hand it consists of a real world part where the gameplay takes part in the actual school building.

Afterwards navigation in the virtual school world and gameplay in the real world were tried by the pupils and discussed. Also further ideas for games using the proposed level-editor were discussed.

Next the level-editor and the game mechanics are implemented. In October pupils will have the chance to get their hands on the first version.