“Aktionstag” Workshop at the BBI

At the end of each school year the so called “Aktionstage” (action days) take place at the BBI. At the “Aktionstage” students can freely choose and attend different workshops.

The BlindBits project hosted a game design workshop. In the workshop students could try out the game editor and create their own games. The students designed and implemented great games, so at the end of the day the first games created by blind and visually impaired students were released. The games were called, “Monster in the BBI”, “The kidnapped Teacher” and “CR7″ (N.B. Christiano Ronaldo).

All participants enjoyed the workshop, and had a lot of fun designing games and playing games designed by other groups. In summer we will improve the editor and add some features. In autumn the next workshop will take place, in which hopefully more exciting games will be created!